Due to how often the troupe moved from place to place, Masumi never developed friendships in school. Ryo Aoki rose to power with a group called Bleach Japan, which focused on getting rid of "gray" areas and crimes in Japan, like the Yakuza and brothels. Sawashiro tries to have Kasuga's finger cut off, but Arakawa interrupts them and takes Kasuga out for dinner. His features are typically obscured by his fedora or by shadow, but he appears to have short black hair and brown eyes. Age In 2017, the year Kasuga was going to be released were it not for his sentence extension, Masumi writes a letter to him expressing how much he misses him, and invites him for Peking duck when he leaves. Nicknames Draven125 2 yr. ago After he met and swore Jo Sawashiro into the family in 1982, he came to consider him someone he could place his complete trust in and made him his captain, treasurer, and right-hand man. Damage an enemy with a swift, brutal kick. Kasuga pleads to Aoki to start anew, but he is killed by Kume before he can do so. Occupation Upon his release 18 years later, Ichiban discovers that Arakawa has apparently betrayed the rest of the Tojo Clan to the Omi Alliance, a rival yakuza organization based in Osaka, and finds himself stranded in the city of Yokohama after he is shot by Arakawa following an attempted confrontation. I dont think ichiban realized that this just wasnt a prison sentence but this was for life meaning to never return once he got out cause if he returned then the other family would know that it was the family that ichiban was part of that did kill their guy which is why ichiban boss shot him once he opened the door. Professional wrestlingBrawlingBaseball bat The family gained notoriety due to its militant nature and became feared among the residents of Kamurocho, with Masumi himself earning the nickname "Arakawa the Assassin." Sawashiro felt indebted to the man raising his child and joined his Yakuza family. High chance to land a critical hit. Y:LAD From watching the trailer seeing ichiban take the fall for the other guy. Thanks to the split, there is not enough manpower to crush them and Yosuke Tendo joins Masumi's side as he could not resist the urge to fight such a brawl. Ichiban confronts Aoki during an election rally and tricks him into sending his men to the Millenium Tower at Kamuroch after lying about Sawashiro leaking the existence of incriminating evidence at the Arakawa Family office. When Ichiban gets out of prison in 2019, 18 years after his incarceration, the world has changed rapidly, but the biggest shock is probably that the Arakawa family has joined the Omi Alliance,. Unlike in Like A Dragon, this incarnation of Ichiban never leaves Kamuroch, and encounters a different cast of supporting characters as well as enemies. To draw out Aoki in order to confront him, Ichiban decides to enter himself as an electoral candidate with Hoshino's support, but Aoki's henchman Jo Sawashiro assassinates Hoshino. Date of Birth He believes that Ichiban fits the Yakuza setting due to his love for Dragon Quest, as well as his heroic demeanor which goes along the new type of gameplay Like a Dragon provided to the franchise. He is an antagonist in The Legend of Ichiban Kasuga in Ryu Ga Gotoku Online. Nanba explains the situation with the Ijin Three and shows Kasuga the severity of his bullet wound, which leads to him discovering a defective counterfeit 10,000 yen bill. Although he appeared to have assistance from his men, raising Masato proved difficult. You get a lot more out more human elements out of him. The Hikawa Family regularly killed people without hesitation, which Masumi took advantage of, disposing of the bodies in Ijincho's Homeless Quarter in order to spend as much time in Yokohama as possible and track down the culprit behind his father's murder, with no leads except for the memory of the killer's face. Associations Before their fight escalates, Arakawa and Daigo Dojima explain that Arakawa's betrayal was planned by them and Masaru Watase in order to split the Omi forces between Tokyo and Osaka to make their plan of disbanding the Tojo and Omi easier to accomplish. Aoki was weak and couldn't do a lot on his own without scheming. Ichiban is nursed back to health by Nanba, a local homeless man and disbarred nurse. Hoshino told him everything regarding the counterfeit operation in Yokohama and that Toshio had been smuggling bills on behalf of the organizations involved. [4], Ichiban is an orphan raised in Kamuroch by Jiro Kasuga, the manager of a soapland, a type of prostitution establishment that provides its services based on the exploitation of a loophole in Japanese law. Ichiban trails a fleeing Aoki and pleads with him to give himself up. Also Known As Ichiban shows a video of Aoki admitting to his crimes to the police, dooming Aoki's plans. Basically, everyone is backstabbing everyone. Doesn't make sense, how he couldn't put two together, also you'd think he'd go to her employer in desperation to see if she made it out ( obviously he knew she didn't but in desperation he could ), and if he did he'd obviously find out he might have took the wrong son. He is clean shaven in his younger years but has a small goatee on his chin by his most recent appearance in 2018. English Ichiban wouldn't be targeted for Kurosawa's big plan as he's just a normal member. In 2019, now 42, Kasuga is freed from prison with no one from his old days waiting for him. He was hidden in coin locker #101 at Shinjuku Station by Akane on Arakawa's instructions in order to keep him safe while they were being pursued by members of Hikawa Industries; however, Arakawa unknowingly retrieved the baby locked in the adjacent locker #99. Is Arakawa Ichiban's dad? Kasuga is also a huge fan of Dragon Quest, a video game he loved to play ever since his youth. In 1976, Masumi decided to settle down with Akane after she told him she was pregnant, but could not think of a way to bring up the subject to his patriarch. In doing so, he decisively changed the course of Kasuga's life. The game follows Ichiban Kasuga, who spends 18 years in prison for a murder that he didn't commit at the request of his patriarch, Masumi Arakawa. Kuze and the Go-Ryu follow Ryuji, while Kasuga chases after Han. Kamurocho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan After their job is done, however, Nonomiya dies apparently from suicide. Part of his little finger on his left hand is missing. . "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" takes that formula and gives it a fresh set of characters with a JRPG framework. As to why he asked Ichiban to take the fall, probably because he thought Ichi could handle prison, being so tough and all. 1959/1960[d] Afterwards, Ichiban gets to reunite with Arakawa, whom he tells he feels is like a surrogate father, and the two share a nice moment. Some time following the events, Masumi and Kasuga meet at the docks in Yokohama at night and spend some time together. Between 1978 and 1982, he established the Arakawa Family, a third-tier organization within the Tojo Clan's ranks. Kasuga faces Sawashiro upon arrival and defeats him, then opens the door to a dinner between Omi officers, looking for answers, but is shot in the chest by Arakawa. Tojo Clan (formerly)Arakawa Family (formerly) Kasuga bluffs to Aoki of having incriminating evidence to lure him and Tendo to the Millennium Tower. Adachi confronts Horinouchi with evidence of the bribes, Ichiban says that he doesn't feel the need to get a DNA test to prove if Arakawa was his real father, Daigo offers Ichiban a job at a security company. The Yakuza franchise's developers, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, wanted to create a new lead character to continue the narrative of the fictional universe they have created. He has a scar on the right side of his face he received from his mother in childhood, which is shallow enough to cover with makeup. Damage an enemy by hitting them hard in their vital spot. Sawashiro suggests leaking information in exchange for the Family's continued survival. Kiichi NakaiWPTaishi MurataWP (teen) It is implied that he may hav felt like kasuga is the real son. For Yakuza: Like a Dragon on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What do you want to see in a sequel? They learn Zhao may be in trouble, and Han joins the party to rescue him from Mabuchi and the Omi, where Nanba rejoins them. 1957[b] Displaying a personality that was at times warm and. Nanba joins Kasuga after Yokohama Liumang member Zheng demands payment from the homeless, and the two drive him off. Eye Color As the years progress, his hair is also graying. [23] They believe that Ichiban is a good example of how slapstick humour can be blended seamlessly with high octane action to create an excellent, engaging story. Kasuga appears as a hidden character in the short beat-em-up title inspired by the story of the original Yakuza and the gameplay of SEGA's Streets of Rage franchise. 58[3] Fight: Arakawa Family This fight is against a Lv. So then I decided on Ichiban Kasuga. The patriarch of Hikawa Family eventually arranged a relationship between his daughter and Masumi. Ichiban Kasuga ( , Kasuga Ichiban) is the protagonist of the Like a Dragon series from Yakuza: Like a Dragon onward, as well as the protagonist of The Legend of Ichiban Kasuga: Part 1 in Ryu Ga Gotoku Online. https://twitter.com/airzach/status/1330802989183893504, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, KSR [Bullet with a Message] Masumi Arakawa (Y:LAD Kiwami), While Masumi's exact age is not stated in-game, the game files differentiate his models by age. On the way, a helicopter spots them on a rooftop and Adachi stays behind. Described as having been born with "nothing but physical strength," Kasuga has a very muscular build that gives him the opportunity to be proficient at a variety of fighting styles. After retrieving the baby from locker 0099, he rushed him to the hospital, where the baby was diagnosed with hypothermia-induced multiple organ failure. Prior to this, his hair was styled into a much shorter punch perm, growing out long enough during his time in prison to be tied into a short ponytail. RGG Studios' chief producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto explained in an interview that Kasuga appears as a Trooper Card instead of a full character in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Damage an enemy with a flying kick. The ending feels like information overload, but it's not as completely insane as it might seem at first glance. Yakuza Like a Dragon - Ichiban Confronts Masumi ArakawaTwitter: https://twitter.com/Santosx07 They sneak through the sewers and rooftops to where Arakawa is. Like many of the gangsters in Yakuza, Ichiban has a prominent back tattoo. Arakawa is with Daigo Dojima, the sixth and current chairman of the Tojo clan. Ichiban starts accepting work from an employment agency to earn a living, and later investigate the Liumang with his friends to learn the truth behind the murder of one of their employers, a soapland proprietor named Nonomiya. Ichiban Kasuga exclusive job. Patriarch of the Arakawa FamilyCaptain of the Omi Alliance Associations Initially a street thug, Daigo becomes the Sixth Chairman of the Tojo Clan by Kazuma Kiryu's recommendation, representing a new generation of yakuza. He has a faint mustache in his twenties but is clean-shaven through his thirties and forties. His is of something he calls a "dragonfish.". Aliases Masumi's first card in Ryu Ga Gotoku Online, SSR Masumi Arakawa (Black), was first released on September 24, 2020 and depicts the version of him seen in the main story of Ryu Ga Gotoku Online. Actors Arakawa's son Masato, whom he used to serve as his personal attendant, had apparently died due to illness, the tragedy of which supposedly fuels Arakawa's ruthlessness behind his rise to power. Zhao joins Kasuga's party, and they decide to meet with Aoki for answers. Appears In Trying to find answers as to why, Kasuga ends up shot and . Kasuga decided then and there he'd follow Arakawa for the rest of his life. If you use a regular attack first, you'll. At the funeral, Daigo offers Ichiban a job at a security company. [24] German publication GamePro lauded Ichiban for his big heart and highly emotive nature, qualities which they feel a lot of protagonist characters lack. The three are directed to Otohime Land to work for Isao Nonomiya, and rescue Nanoha Mukoda from having to pay large fees to Sunlight Castle, and meet Ryuhei Hoshino, who recognizes the bill. The men demanded he takes responsibility for Kasuga's actions. RGGO He explained to Kasuga that being a yakuza meant you had a reputation to uphold, and he would have lost face if he simply bowed his head and asked for him back. As such, this card has a strong affinity towards Offense-type cards that attack multiple times at once. "[2] Realizing that this new protagonist could serve as the franchise's "catalyst for change" by moving away from the exploration of a modern version of a typical Japanese hero in Kiryu, Yokoyama set about creating and portraying a "life-sized hero", a protagonist who is essentially a "normal guy" who is not as strong or mature as Kiryu. Only Ichiban, Sawashiro and Arakawa cared about Masato. Physical Daigo says that together with the Omi Alliance, they would disband both Yakuza organizationsto prevent the Yakuza way of life from being twisted by the government. Kazuhiro Nakaya, who previously voiced recurring franchise character Akira Nishikiyama, was one of the candidates who read for the role. Araboshi-za (formerly)Tojo ClanOmi AllianceHikawa Family (formerly)Arakawa Family Ichiban identifies Arakawa, and while he did shoot Ichi and probably doesn't like him anymore he's still the kind of man Ichiban aspires to be. Biographical Information They get what Zhao wanted, but an established conflict between the Geomijul and Nanba causes him to leave and Han to fight the others. Actors Ichiban Kasuga was first publicly revealed in August 2017 as part of the developer's promotional efforts for the then-upcoming Ryu ga Gotoku ONLINE. Relationships His plans, besides shooting Ichiban, actually make a lot more sense than Kazama. [34] RPGFan also regarded Tang as one of the best actors in the entire game based on the impact of his deliveries. Here, it is revealed that Governor Ryo Aoki (who is also Masato Arakawa, the son of Masumi) was able to drive crime, and the Yakuza, out of Kamurocho using information from Arakawa with Daigo's permission. He was the Patriach of his family surely he could've found someone else to take Aoki's place right ? Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, character_model_model_data (.BIN file), ONLINEPS, , Yakuza: Like a Dragon Playable Characters, Ryu Ga Gotoku Online#Wanderings of the Golden Dragon, https://www.thegamer.com/like-a-dragon-ishin-interview-hiroyuki-sakamoto/. Eye Color Taro ArayoshiArakawa the Assassin One of Like a Dragon's main characters is Saeko Mukoda, a mama at a hostess bar who joins Ichiban's party. Hair Color Kasuga asked him why he would go to such lengths for someone he didn't even know, to which Arakawa responded, "Maybe I just wanted to look cool in front of a kid who knew who I was.". The next day, Watase and Dojima declare the dissolution of both of their organizations and are met with resistance from the Omi officers. and our Arakawa offered them his finger in exchange for Kasuga's freedom and the men quickly let Kasuga go. After facing the Omi, Ichiban reconciles with Arakawa, but is shocked next day to learn of his death. [22] Leah Williams and Tegan Jones from Kotaku Australia welcomed the decision to have Ichiban succeed Kiryu as the new lead character of the franchise, lauding his character arc to be simultaneously moving as well as one filled with ridiculous fun. Really cool twist but I can't believe Arakawa never knew under these circumstances. Several hours later, he received a phone call from Akane, who told him that Hikawa Family yakuza were closing in, prompting her to run away with the newborn baby to Shinjuku Station. Advances Heat Gauge by 200 at the start of battle. eventually meeting back up with Masumi Arakawa, when Ichiban and company must fight off the angry former Yakuza, because he feels like he has a life debt to him, Sawashiro felt indebted to the man raising his child, owner of the local brothel came to pull another baby out of the locker, Ichiban shows a video of Aoki admitting to his crimes, Kume, a member of Bleach Japan and a newly elected representative, stabs Aoki. He eventually grew to view Ichiban as his son and entrusted him with looking after Masato. They explain their plan to their guests. Cost decreases with each level. Now, he is given the opportunity to pursue whatever he wants alongside his friends. arakawa didnt know for sure. To Yokoyama, Ichiban's comical "fool" deliberately contrasts the dark setting of Like A Dragon, and that his most important role in the game is to overturning "worldly prejudices" and fight against "invisible discrimination". The family the yakuza belonged to sought revenge and managed to capture him. Brown They attempt to expose the company's counterfeiting scheme, but their plan goes awry and they are captured and framed by Mabuchi. However, one hundred million yen in counterfeit bills turned up missing while in Toshio's possession, prompting the Seiryu Clan to eliminate him; in reality, the money had been stolen by Yoko and the man she was having an affair with at the time, his former co-star Tora. Although Black cards are normally upgraded versions of existing cards, SSR Masumi Arakawa (Black) is the first and only Black card to serve as a character's "debut" card. Horinouchi is also the person responsible for having Adachi demoted. The Chief and Hoshino tell Kasuga of their history with Arakawa, and he learns Arakawa had sent him there intentionally to save him, renewing his faith in his former patriarch. Boosts all allies' criticality rate by up to 12%. The dragonfish tattoo on his back earned him the nickname "The Rock Bottom Dragon" (, Donzoko no Ry). Unable to deal with a child, they chose to put the baby in a locker. Arakawa is murdered shortly after he and Ichiban part ways, and Ichiban believes that Jo Sawashiro, one of Arakawa's captains, killed him. Arakawa is a yakuza and saved his life, he grew up in the slums where the proper Japanese job archetype would spit on his face and it's the Assassin that gives him a job and some sense of worth. Height The two seemingly developed a mutual sense of responsibility for Masato's care although Sawashiro never admitted he was Masato's biological father. Kazuhiro Nakaya, the voice actor of Ichiban Kasuga in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, has addressed the future of the Yakuza . The betrayal causes Tojo remnants to attack Masumi every once in a while, but he survives and climbs the ranks. Upon his return to Kamurocho, he crushed the Hikawa Family completely as vengeance. Aoki's arc is sad, as he spent the first several years of his life wheelchair-bound, feeling like he had no control over his life. [31] Naming Ichiban one of the best new characters of 2020, Destructoid staff observed that Ichiban managed to fill the void left by Kiryu "with relative ease", and that his immediate popularity with the video game community successfully secures the Yakuza franchise's future in their view. He also discovers that the anti-crime activist group Bleach Japan is indirectly responsible for Nonomiya's death. Biographical Consequently, a storyline starring Ichiban would naturally include more comedic or goofy scenes due to the character's nature. Brown *spoilers*" - Page 2. Date of Birth Arakawa says that Ichi was like a son to him, but isn't it hypocritical that only moments later of him stating that Ichi felt like a son to him, he still sells him out making him go to prison because his other actual son (or so he though) messed up ? Ichiban spent much of his youth in Arakawa's Yakuza family, so its understandable that he would feel like Arakawa had a direct hand in raising him. Afterwards, Zhao directs Kasuga to meet with Mitsuo, who is keeping a low profile. Meeting Aoki in person, he learns of his recovery in the US, that he is intending to purge Ijincho of its residents reliant on gray zones, and that Kasuga had taken the fall for Aoki's murder, not Sawashiro's. The dynamic within the family was tense, however, with Sawashiro's constant abuse of Kasuga often placing Masumi into the role of mediator. After he joins the yakuza, he slicks part of his hair back in a more clean-cut style. Sawashiro, the man who Ichiban gave away 18 years of his life to save, is central to the yakuza now. Biographical Although he had a loving father, Masumi had a troubled home life as a child, and received the scar on his face at the hands of his mother at a young age. [27], Several publications rated Ichiban as among the best video game characters featured in 2020, a year where Like A Dragon saw an international release. Ichiban was designed by franchise developers Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for Ryu ga Gotoku ONLINE, though a decision was later made by executive director and franchise creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and his team to position Ichiban as the lead character of future mainline entry games. I felt like Masato knew Ichiban was his son, but he also knew how tough Ichiban was and how Masato would have no one without him and for sure wouldnt make it in prison. As a yakuza patriarch, Masumi appears as a considerate person towards his underlings, especially Ichiban, whom he treats just like an actual son and able to persuade Ichiban to work better with Sawashiro during his tenure. Sneaking into the Omi Alliance Headquarters to meet Arakawa, he and his party are met upon by Goro Majima and Taiga Saejima. 18 years later, Ichiban is released from prison. Hoshino is able to get him to cheer up and suggests he run in the upcoming election to get close to Aoki. They find Nanba collaborating with Mabuchi, Bleach Japan, and Hajime Ogasawara. Knowing that they couldn't face so many enemies at once Ryuji and Han decide to split up. something similar also mentioned in the post climax scene but doesnt explicitly say he didnt know.not much clarity there either. The tattoo represents the strength and perseverance of the koi as it struggles upstream, as well as a greater destiny that lies ahead, as the koi has not fully finished its transformation into a dragon. The next day, Arakawa calls Kasuga into his office, gravely telling him to be inconspicuous. 23-41 (The Legend of Ichiban Kasuga: Part 1). Also Known As Afterwards, he interrogates Ogasawara to learn of Aoki's ambitions and plans to use the Omi. Ichiban and his friends take this opportunity to strike as they fight their way up the tower to the Arakawa Family office, where Tendo, who had also murdered Arakawa in cold blood earlier, lies in wait for Ichiban to settle the score with. One of Kasuga's notable traits is his unfailing kindness and general love for people. Along with Dojima and Watase, he plans to start up a security company in Sotenbori to serve as a home for the yakuza who would have nowhere else to go after the dissolution. A high-ranking member of the family like Sawashiro would've probably hurt their reputation too much. However, he has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to help out anyone in need. Arakawa says that Ichi was like a son to him, but isn't it hypocritical that only moments later of him stating that Ichi felt like a son to him, he still sells him out making him go to prison because his other actual son (or so he though) messed up ? Occupation While ending the two largest Yakuza organizations in Japan is a significant development (after all, this is a series based entirely around organized crime), it's interesting to see such an action-packed series make this decision through the use of real-world politics (or at least something that resembles the real world). He is more human than Kazama is. [18] Eurogamer describes him as a kind character due to how Ichiban aims to become a hero regardless of not being as intelligent as other Yakuza main characters. The year after the death of his father, he stopped going to junior high school at fifteen and resorted to whatever means necessary to earn money and support himself, leaving his education behind for good.

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