'It is just a matter of time before we achieve our goal. There the crew ignored a warning from local Native Americans not to sail into the lake from the safe harbor at Washington Island because of high wind danger from a massive storm. Justin Windsor notes that Count Frontenac by 1 August 1673, "had already ordered the construction of a vessel on Ontario to be used as an auxiliary force to Fort Frontenac. The vessel dragged its anchor for about nine miles to the east before grounding and breaking up near present-day Thirty Mile Point. The Griffin sank to the murky depths of. The Liberts have since published their book, Le Griffon and the Huron Islands 1649: Our Story of Exploration and Discovery.. Because the wind was strong from the north, they sailed close to the north shore of the lake, putting in for the nights in various bays along the way. It was the first big ship to sail the Great Lakes. When will the Beast from the East be at YOUR door? It would be awesome if true, she says, a story shed love the museum to be able to tell visitors, with the aura of amateur treasure-hunting and Indiana Jones. Here are 26 other famous shipwrecks around the world. 1 Answer. These social birds live in vulture colonies. An explorer claims to have found the long lost French ship Le Griffon at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Sources disagree on how long this delay was. All Rights Reserved. The bowsprit is thespar running out from the bow (front) of a ship), He said: 'My interest began the day my teacher reached over and touched my shoulder, and said out loud in class, "maybe one day, someone in this class will find it. When the wind suddenly veered to the southeast they changed course to avoid Presque Isle. Until there is an expedition (to the site) with politically unaligned professionals, I will not weigh in one way or another, said Vrana, whose nonprofit group has consulted with Libert. He also teaches public affairs reporting, international journalism, feature writing and media law and serves as director of the schools Capital News Service. La Salle and Father Louis Hennepin set out on the ship during its maiden voyage on August 7am , 1969 along with a crew of 32. La Salle decided to visit the Senecas at Tagarondies himself. Is Joe Biden Sick? Possibly a cannon, hopefully with the date stamped on it.'. My interest began the day my teacher reached over and touched my shoulder and said out loud in class, Maybe one day someone in this class will find it.. It is now believed to be the famous ship, The Griffin, which disappeared on its maiden voyage in 1679, has been called the 'holy grail' for shipwreck hunters probing North America's Great Lakes. [8], La Salle's men first had to build their lodging and then guard against the Iroquois who were hostile to this invasion of their ancient homeland. But the sinking was caused by a storm is the best explanation. While diving in Lake Michigan, two men stumbled upon a shipwreck they think is a 1676 French ship named 'Le Griffon,' or The Griffin. Inside Prince Harry's finances from when he met Meghan Markle to landing 100M with Netflix and book Spare Royally hard work! Wood can break up. The remains of the 300-year-old ship known as Le Griffon the first European vessel known to have traversed the waters of the upper Great Lakes have proved so tricky to find as to become the stuff of legends, even prompting Atlas Obscura to dub the wreck the "white whale for Great Lakes shipwreck hunters."The location of the ship's final resting place isn . La Salle and Father Louis Hennepin set out on the Le Griffon's maiden voyage on August 7, 1679 with a crew of 32, sailing across Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan through uncharted waters that only canoes had previously explored. There's no way," Henriksen said. Mr Libert said the evidence suggests that the ship was lost in a storm, A photo from the 2018 dive shows the bowsprit of the ship believed to be The Griffin. An Indian prophet called Metiomek of the Iroquois said legend had cursed the ship before it left; he told its owner La Salle it would sink deep water. [notes 5][pageneeded] When La Salle heard of the loss (through a messenger or one of the natives), he left Niagara and joined in the salvage effort. University Hospitals receives $10 million donation from Ahuja family to support community health center, reach underserved populations, Rousing The Choir of Man makes it a memorable reopening night at Playhouse Square, RTA receives no workable proposals for new railcars, will start search over, Paddleboards and kayaks suddenly in high demand amid supply chain shortage, Cleveland resident accused of starting fire at REBol during downtown riots May 30. However, 36 years later in 1911, the Rosabelle was found again overturned and floating with no sign of any . But the explorer ran out of money, so he disembarked with the other expedition leaders, leaving the ship and its crew to pay off his debts with furs. MARIE, CHEBOYGAN AND ALL POINTS. [1][4], Father Hennepin wrote that Le Griffon was lost in a violent storm. Some said that the Ottawas or Pottawatomies boarded her, murdered her crew, and then burned her. Le Griffon was constructed and launched at or near Cayuga Island on the Niagara River and was armed with seven cannons. One of the most intriguing is that the wreckage of the Griffon may have been found nearly 100 years ago but went unrecognized. Pictured: Some of the wreckage. The sails were merely supplemental for traveling down wind. His wishes and hopes to find the legendary ship were all granted when he, his wife Kathie, and a group of others discovered it on Sept. 10, 2018 in upper Lake Michigan. 2023 www.lenconnect.com. Steve Libert, from the Great Lakes Exploration Group, said he is 99.9% certain . No cannons have been found near the site Libert identified. the griffon shipwreck facts Western Dental Careers September 20, 2021 | 0 September 20, 2021 | 0 Heres the backstory as Libert tells it: LaSalle built the Griffon as his flagship upriver from Niagara Falls, probably on what is now the Canadian side of the Niagara River. Mr Libert then spent two years sifting through satellite imagery before he made a breakthrough. New York, It would no longer exist. Its fate has been a puzzlement for maritime historians for more than three and a half centuries. The first full-size cargo ship to sail the inner Great Lakes, Le Griffon was built by explorer Robert de La Salle in 1679. Tests on the ship part are dated to 1679; close to a year, dating of the wreck is 1632 to 1982. All of those people have been wrong including Libert she says. "[5] He also says that at Fort Frontenac in 1676, La Salle "laid the keels of the vessels which he depended on to frighten the English. Megan SampTickets can be bought online or at Studio C in Okemos. They believe the carving is of a mythical creature known as a griffon, half lion and half eagle. The photos were taken in 1997 from the roof of the cofferdam that surrounded the ship and kept it in a semi-dry environment. The straight-line distance is about 75 miles (121km). As for the pieces of wreckage Libert photographed, they cant be the Griffons because they would have broken to bits long, long ago if theyd been in shallow water battered by storms and ice for more than three centuries, van Heest says. Images of the severely dilapidated wreckage show it lying on the bed of Lake Michigan, This image shows the ship's keelson - the structure which fastens a ship's floor timbers to its keel. That is simply not true.. [1][4] Beginning on Christmas Day, 1678, La Motte and Hennepin together with four of their men, went by snowshoe to a prominent Seneca chief who resided at Tagarondies[notes 2] a village about 75 miles (120km) east of Niagara[notes 3] and about 20 miles (32km) south of Lake Ontario. We asked the experts - and their answers will terrify you Five unexpected signs in your 20s and 30s you're at risk of developing heart disease later in life. Le Griffon Shipwreck. While some of these were made from a single carved log ("dugout" or "pirogue"), most were bark canoes. Updated. [citation needed], A female Native informant who was of the tribe foiled the plans of hostile Senecas to burn Le Griffon as she grew on her stocks. They reached Niagara again on 14 January. She carried a cargo of furs valued at from 50,000 to 60,000 francs ($10,000 $12,000) and the rigging and anchors for another vessel that La Salle intended to build to find passage to the West Indies. 'What I suspected was a ship was confirmed by me during a dive in September 2018. Enter the text you see in the image below. The details of these discoveries along with numerous illustrations are contained in the pages of this thought provoking book. The ship was righted and brought back to the port in Milwaukee and returned to service. They may be deliberate or accidental. Its true fate remains a mystery, though it's commonly believed that the ship may have foundered in a storm or been scuttled by a mutinous crew. Despite photos from several underwater dives, it's still unclear whether the wreck is the 1679 French Griffin. Maritime historians best guess, she says, is that it sank between Beaver Island and the southern coast of the Upper Peninsula, possibly within sight of shore between what are now Manistique and Naubinway. Other experts insist Liberts absolutely wrong. Cathy Green, the executive director of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, is also skeptical, calling it highly unlikely that its the Griffon and nearly impossible to definitively know because of the centuries of damage to shallow water wrecks from ice, storms and rising and falling lake levels. A big Beckham birthday! [1], French explorer Ren Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, sought a Northwest Passage to China and Japan to extend France's trade. [1] The tumultuous sound of Le Griffon's cannons so amazed the Native Americans that the Frenchmen were able to sleep at ease for the first time in months when they anchored off shore. They arrived late on 5 December, but the weather was rough and they did not want to run the surf and outflow of the river at night, so they stayed a few miles off shore. Megan SampVoters at the Hannah Community Center share why voting matters to them. Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski, and Roland Stevens located the schooner in early July utilizing high resolution On June 20th 1874 the two masted scow schooner Shannon let loose her lines from the coal dock at the port of Oswego. Somewhere near present-day Toronto they were frozen in and had to chop their way out of the ice. The Ruppell's griffon vulture is Critically Endangered. Now, treasure hunters who believe they found it, said to have stumbled upon it by accident. Cathy Green, the executive director of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, is also skeptical, calling it highly unlikely that its the Griffon and nearly impossible to definitively know because of the centuries of damage to shallow water wrecks from ice, storms and rising and falling lake levels. His conclusion: The remains of the ship Le Griffon in French sank in shallow water in the Huron Islands of northern Lake Michigan, northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin, with the loss of all the crew members aboard. La Salle whose full name was the noble-sounding Ren-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle wasnt aboard the Griffon. 'Many believed the Jesuits were responsible for the ship's disappearance. Ive seen dozens and dozens of 100- to 150-year-old ships, and that is not a 350-year-old ship. The Griffon has not been found, Wayne Lusardi, the state archaeologist in the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, says bluntly. Copyright 2023 HNGN. The male wirehaired pointer weighs around 50-70 lb, and the females are around 35-50 lb. Rochester, New York - The wreckage of the schooner Atlas which sank in 1839 during a gale has been located in Lake Ontario. A bowsprit discovered a few miles away in 2001 is another part of the vessel, they claim. The two treasure hunters were taking measurements of the ship when Dykstra's magnet, tethered to his scuba gear, picked up an object that few people have ever seen: a hand forged nail that dates back to 1679. These films range from comedies to dramas to long and short films. Copyright 2023, Michigan State University. Some say La Salle made multiple trips, especially after the spring thaw. They were driven northwesterly until the evening of 27 August when under a light southerly breeze they finally rounded Bois Blanc Island and anchored in the calm waters of the natural harbor at East Moran Bay off the settlement of Mission St. Ignace, where there was a settlement of Hurons, Ottawas, and a few Frenchmen. Acknowledging that French archeologists side with Libert, she asks what they know about Native American fishing practices. Native tradition holds that The Griffin became a ghost ship, whose crew are sometimes heard chanting as she sails among the clouds on a moonlit night. [Shipwrecks Gallery: Secrets of the Deep]. He continued exploring the Mississippi River until his murder in Texas in 1687. Original article on Live Science. Beneath the cold waves of Lake Michigan rests an aging shipwreck, its wooden planks encrusted with brown-and-gray zebra mussels, that may be the remnants of a 17th-century ship called the Griffin, two Michigan-based treasure hunters say. [4] La Salle dressed in a scarlet cloak bordered with lace and a highly plumed cap, laid aside his arms in charge of a sentinel and attended mass with his crew in the chapel of the Ottawas and then made a visit of ceremony with the chiefs. ', Shipwreck hunters Steve and Kathie Libertset out their case for having discovered the ship in a new book, Le Griffon and the Huron Islands 1679: Our Story of Exploration and Discovery, A scan of the wreck taken by the Great Lakes Exploration Group. After launching, it sailed the Niagara River to Lake Ontario, onward to Lake Erie, then by way of the St. Clair River to Lake Huron and northward to St. Ignace, the Straits of Mackinac and, finally, Lake Michigan. Dan Scoville, Jim Kennard, Craig Hampton, and Roland Stevens located the steamer thirty miles east of Fair Haven, New York - The Canadian schooner Royal Albert has been discovered in deep water off the southern shore of Lake Ontario near Fair Haven, NY. [1], Upon Le Griffon's safe arrival at St. Ignace, the voyagers fired a salute from her deck that the Hurons on shore volleyed three times with their firearms. Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. [notes 1], Before 1673, the most common vessel on the lakes was the canoe. That is my question. [1][4] The exact size and construction of Le Griffon is not known. While there have been many theories over the years, there is no clear consensus as to the fate or current location of Le Griffon. Do not reproduce without permission. La Salle oversaw the laying of Le Griffon's keel and drove her first bolt. We have corrected the story and replaced it with video and pictures that belong to FOX 17 News and Kevin Dykstra. 'Father Louis Hennepin said it was lost in a violent storm. La Salle offered Hennepin the honor of driving the first spike, but Hennepin deferred to his leader. The wreck lies in Lake Michigan. About 30 adventurers have claimed to have found the Griffin, usually by happenstance, Baillod said. Moreover, Baillod said he hasn't heard of anyone looking for the Griffin near the Beaver Island archipelago, which is likely the area mentioned in La Salle's journal, Baillod said. Follow Live Science @livescience, Facebook& Google+. The other wreckage has been approximately dated to between 1632 and 1682. In this article, the word "ship" is used in its broader sense, not in the technical sense of referring to a vessel with three or more masts rigged with square sails. While they were at times fitted with mast and sails, their primary propulsion was either oars or poles. The vessel was loaded with furs so that they could be used to pay the French explorer and Griffon's master, Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle's creditors. Using a state of the art two-man submersible, Josh dives in to find a ship so elusive it's known as "The Holy Grail of Shipwrecks." Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan To Be Weighed By US Supreme Court, San Antonio Couple Allegedly Trained Their Dogs To Be Aggressive Before Air Force Veteran Gets Mauled to Death, Hungary Says Sweden Is Spreading Fake News Concerning Budapest Will Not Help Its NATO Bid, Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval-Ariana Madix Split: Raquel Leviss Admits Doing 1 Thing Amid Affair Rumors. Each November, the East Lansing Film Festival showcases independent films. She was the largest sailing vessel on the Great Lakes up to that time. Several French explores built the exploratory vessel Ren-Robert Cavalier and Sieur de La Salle. We hear from the Association of Counties, state court administrator and the president, from Gratiot County, of the Michigan Judges Association. ', He continued: 'Both the Seneca and Iroquois felt threatened by the construction and sight of Le Griffon, and felt that it was a threat to the 'Great Spirit. Beckwith's conclusion was that he chose one of his existing vessels, one of about ten tons burden, for sending the first group of men to Niagara. Negotiations with the Senecas were only moderately successful, so when they left the village they still wondered if the natives would permit them to finish their project. On 23 June 2014, Steve Libert told the Associated Press he believed he found Le Griffon in Lake Michigan after extensive searching, in a debris field near where a wood slab was found the previous year. We have been on the hunt for over 40 years systematically ferreting out the locations of this widely scattered wreck, he says, referring to his wife, Kathie, and himself. The ship was lost in the depths of northern Lake Michigan over 300 years ago. 'The Christian Indian's curse rests on you and on your great canoe. He noted that the wreck is near the western Michigan coast, not near Beaver Island, the area mentioned in La Salle's journal. Where are the cannons? Murdaugh is heckled as he leaves court, Alex Murdaugh unanimously found GUILTY of murder of wife and son, Pavement where disabled woman gestured at cyclist before fatal crash, Missing hiker buried under snow forces arm out to wave to helicopter, Insane moment river of rocks falls onto Malibu Canyon in CA, Fleet-footed cop chases an offender riding a scooter, Two Russian tanks annihilated with bombs by Ukrainian armed forces, Isabel Oakeshott clashes with Nick Robinson over Hancock texts. After disembarking, the ship and the exploration disappeared into history. The Liberts' book, Le Griffon and the Huron Islands 1679: Our Story of Exploration and Discovery, is available via Amazon for 24.69. Mr Libert said: 'There are numerous theories as to what happened to The Griffin. But the ship vanished while delivering a valuable cargo of furs, amid rumours that she had been cursed by a prophet from the Iroquois tribe. They attempted to sail further upstream, but the current was too strong. It would be busted up, she said. Bateaux were also common. The comments below have not been moderated. A griffin (or gryphon) is a chimeric creature, part eagle and part lion. La Salle gave instructions for Le Griffon to off-load merchandise for him at Mackinac that would be picked up on the return trip. When a strong wind suddenly arose, they could not make it back to the ship. ", La Salle sailed the Griffon through the Great Lakesand crossed into Lake Michigan in an effort to reach the mouth of the Mississippi River, Baillod said. 'Michel was spot on when he said the main body of the wreck would be within four miles of the bowsprit. They also found a part of the ship that they said could be a mussel-covered griffin, the mythical beast carved onto the ship's bow. She also reports on general science, including archaeology and paleontology. Kingsford says it was either contrary wind or they were becalmed. With La Salle back aboard their vessel, the company again sailed west until, about 25 miles (40km) from Niagara, weather checked their progress. But the latest finding, made popular again by Wreck Diving Magazine in its latest issue, holds a number of clues about the ship's past. It's the only artifact so far to be brought back from the ship wreck. Many explorers have claimed to havefound Le Griffon in the past, but Dykstra and Monroe are the only ones who've foundan actual ship wreck. On its return trip from the island, said to be located in the mouth of the body of water which is now known as Green Bay, it vanished with all six crew members and its load of furs. [1] They reached the mouth of the Detroit River on 10 August 1679 where they were greeted by three columns of smoke signaling the location of Tonti's camp whom they received on board. This Virtual History Talk will feature Valerie van Heest, who's a Michigan historian, underwater explorer, and author, talking about the facts and legends surrounding the Le Griffon shipwreck . The bowsprit is seen here sticking out of the bed of Lake Michigan, The Liberts are prevented by the State of Michigan from conducting an in-depth excavation of the wreck site, Mr Libert said: 'It is just a matter of time before we achieve our goal. Other experts insist Liberts absolutely wrong. But, the Liberts say her final resting place is near the Huron Islands in Lake Michigan, northeast of Green Bay. @ 2023 HNGN, All rights reserved. But members of the Potawatomi tribe brought pieces of the ship to the explorer, including some moldy beaver furs and a pair of sailor's britches, said Baillod, who translated La Salle's journal from French to English. [1][4], On noon of 25 August they started out northwest with a favoring northerly wind. 'She will sink beneath the deep waters and your blood shall stain the hands of those in whom you trusted!'. Griffin was the name of a 17th-century ship known to have sailed between England and English settlements along Massachusetts Bay in British America. [citation needed], On 18 November 1678, after just over a month of preparations at Fort Frontenac, La Salle dispatched Captain La Motte and Father Louis Hennepin together with 15 men and supplies in a vessel of 10 tons. French historical documents and shipbuilding techniques, colonial-era maps, contemporary reports, what he says is a bowsprit retrieved from the wreckage, carbon-4 dating and underwater photographs of submerged parts of a vessel. The Holy Grail of Great Lakes shipwrecks is Le Griffon, the first European-style ship built by explorer Robert De La Salle that is believed to have sank in Lake Michigan in a storm in 1679.. The Griffon was the first European ship ever to sail the Great Lakes. Menu viscount royal caravan. A 2015 book The Wreck of the Griffon by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg argues that the best "discovery" proposed to date remains the 1898 find by Albert Cullis, lighthouse keeper on the western edge of Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron. A 'cursed' shipwreck which sank almost 350 years ago has been identified in one of North America's Great Lakes, bringing to an end a maritime mystery. We apologize to Great Lakes Exploration Group for any confusion this may have caused. On a subsequent dive, Dykstra took a magnet with him to help determine the metal composition of the ship. They sailed from the Straits of Mackinac to an island (either Washington Island or Rock Island)[1] located at the entrance of Green Bay. That evidence? Related Article:Adolf Hitler's Lost German U-Boat Allegedly Has Dead Nazis Aboard Along With Gold, Treasure, Get HNGN's Top Stories Newsletter Everyweek. Mobile Reporting Kit In 2011, Michigan-based treasure hunters Kevin Dykstra and Frederick Monroe found a shipwreck as they were searching for the $2 million in gold that, according to local legend, fell from a ferry. She has won multiple awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association for her reporting at a weekly newspaper near Seattle. Because his second account has numerous exaggerations and cases where he credits himself for things that La Salle had done, Hennepin's first account is considered more reliable. Pictures show the bow of the ship with a carved sculpture. They made their way around Long Point, Ontario, constantly sounding as they went through the first moonless, fog-laden night to the sound of breaking waves and guided only by La Salle's knowledge of Galine's crude, 10-year-old chart. I thought, I gotta find this ship. The story my history teacher proceeded to tell immediately caught my full attention and like most young men, stirred the imagination of early exploration in an unknown country. That evidence? The Griffin - a ship that was 'cursed' by native tribesmen - has been identified nearly 350 years after it vanished, solving one of America's oldest and most notorious maritime mysteries. NY 10036. Characteristics Physical Description A ship that was 'cursed' by native tribesmen has been identified nearly 350 years after it vanished, solving one of America's oldest and most notorious maritime mysteries. Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes: With Josh Gates, Joan Forsberg, Brendon Baillod, Greg Busch. 'Some say that the native Indians boarded the ship and killed the crew. La Salle who was not aboard The Griffin when it disappeared never found out what happened to his ship, but the wreckage sheds new light on its fate. The griffin is featured on one side of coins minted in Abdera, Greece. La Salle and Father Louis Hennepin set out on Le Griffon's maiden voyage on 7 August 1679 with a crew of 32, sailing across Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan through uncharted waters that only canoes had previously explored. The ship left Conneaut for Port Stanley, Ontario in late morning on Dec. 7, 1909 with a captain and . Cruise-goers reveal their most terrifying incidents at sea - from watching a ferocious Do YOU know your Adam and Eve from your Ruby Murray? In the Great Lakes region, there may be no older and more intriguing historical mystery than the 1679 disappearance of the Griffon, one of French explorer Robert La Salles ships. A teacher from Ottawa named Roy Fleming, in the 1930s through the 1950s, expanded the investigation of this wreck that he firmly believed was the Griffon. La Salle's prime focus in 1678 was building Le Griffon. Now shipwreck hunters Steve and Kathie Libert say they have found the infamous vessel, which was the first to sail the Great Lakes beyond Niagara Falls. There are three acceptable English spellings of the word: griffin, griffon and gryphon. He learned to dive, and the quest was on. Newsroom Calendar Tornadoes Hit Central US; Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio Brace For Intense Weather. Finding the wreck is the goal of most Great Lakes shipwreck hunters due to the notoriety, and they call it the Holy Grail amongst them. The mythical griffin is a creature of ferocity and nobility. Suffering from cold and low on supplies, the men were close to mutiny. Titanic Artifacts Found, New Discovery Mission "Like Opening a Treasure Box", Adolf Hitler's Lost German U-Boat Allegedly Has Dead Nazis Aboard Along With Gold, Treasure, Antony Blinken Urges End to War in Face-to-Face Meeting with Sergei Lavrov on Sidelines of G20 Summit, Ukraine Official Says Kyiv Forces May Pull Back From Bakhmut as Wagner Surrounds Key City, Post-COVID Lung Health: Coping with Shortness of Breath and Other Respiratory Symptoms, Japan Hits Record Low in Birth Rate as Officials Consider Child Care Policy, Blame Citizens' Lack of 'Romantic Ability', Tom Sizemore Update: No Further Hope for Saving Private Ryan Star After Brain Aneurysm, TikTok Develops Tools To Help Parents Prevent Teens From Accessing Inappropriate Content, Set Time Limit. It was built with the intention of finding a route across the Great Lakes of North America to reach China and Japan. The Le Griffon, a barque ship, was carrying bison and furs at the time it disappeared, Libert said. Van Heest responds, Most people that are not dreamers say that for it to still exist, it must be in deep water not affected by ice and storms.. It would be awesome if true, she says, a story shed love the museum to be able to tell visitors, with the aura of amateur treasure-hunting and Indiana Jones. [4] La Salle had instructed Hennepin and La Motte to go 75 miles (120km) into wilderness in knee-deep snow on an embassy to the great village of the Seneca tribe, bringing gifts and promises in order to obtain their good will to build "the big canoe" (Le Griffon), but many tribal members did not approve. cypress bay high school aice, coastal carolina university marine science ranking,

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